Tim Jankovich: Defensive Concepts vs. Man and Zone Offenses

Tim Jankovich: Defensive Concepts vs. Man and Zone Offenses
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Learn eight key components that will help your team play better individual and team defense!

  • Build foundational skills that are vital to win the "3-foot" battle
  • Develop strong floor positioning to take away easy baskets
  • Stifle teams with "Show and Cover" screen defense

with Tim Jankovich,
SMU Head Coach;
2017 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
2017 AAC Tournament and Regular Season Champions;
former head coach at Illinois State, posted the most victories (25) by any first-year head coach at Illinois State;
former assistant coach for Bill Self

Tim Jankovich shares his defensive philosophy, covering eight of the most important areas of a sound defensive system. Components covered include 1-on-1 defense, defensive positioning, and defending offensive movements like off-ball cuts, drives to the basket, and screening actions. Coach Jankovich shares an extraordinary amount of details you can use in order to develop a strong man to man defensive team. The technical barrage of skills he leaves you with will go a long way in developing your championship team.

Stopping Transition Baskets

In all offenses and defenses, the team that transitions well usually wins the battle. Coach Jankovich shares the mentality you need to develop within your team in order to transition well back to defense. He details why his teams spend so much time on defensive transition and breaks down how to speed this conversion up. Offensive pace is faster than it's ever been, and being a strong defensive team can help you slow opponents down and force them into a slower-paced execution game.

Defensive Foundations

Jankovich moves from principles to practice by breaking down individual and team on- and off-ball defense. He breaks down the basic footwork and handwork needed to close out on speedy and shifty players. Jankovich then adds team concepts into the mix by demonstrating his versions of defensive Shell drill that should be worked on daily.

Defensive Positioning

Teaching in layers by adding to the previous concepts, Jankovich breaks down defending against cuts and drives. He emphasizes a flat triangle, jumping to the ball, and being able to draw the line between you and your man. Jankovich reveals his cues of basic help positioning, to trapping and recovering on baseline drives. He then shares his strategies for defending dribble penetration and how to properly help off of shooters.

Screens are a key piece of almost every offense in today's game and can be difficult to guard if not properly drilled and prepared to defend. Coach Jankovich teaches coverages on some of the more unique and difficult to cover screens such as wide pin downs, stagger screens, and pick & pop action.

If your team is having trouble on the defensive side of the ball, or you are starting your own program or team from scratch and want to implement a defensive philosophy, Coach Jankovich demonstrates concepts and drills that are purposeful in building a foundational defense that can be applied at any level of basketball.

Produced at the Spring 2017 Nike Championship Basketball Coaches Clinic - Chicago (IL).

67 minutes. 2018.

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