Tony Levine: Strategies for Building Your Kickoff Coverage

Tony Levine: Strategies for Building Your Kickoff Coverage
Tony Levine: Strategies for Building Your Kickoff Coverage
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Product Description

  • Train your players to read key indicators that will tell them where the ball carrier is going
  • Implement breakdown drills to build technique for record-breaking coverage execution
  • Discover strategies for beating front-line blocks and getting your coverage down the field
with Tony Levine, University of Houston Head Coach;
former Special Teams Coordinator (2008-11)

Before Tony Levine took over as head coach at the University of Houston, he made his presence known as the special teams guru during the 2008-11 seasons. Under his tutelage, the Cougars set several school marks and tied or broke seven NCAA records. In this dynamic presentation, Coach Levine discusses assembling and coaching a directional kick-off team that puts your best players in position to be successful.

Pinning your opponent deep is a lost art in the game of football. Coach Levine shares a detailed breakdown of this critical component-from personnel to technique to schemes. He uses the whole part, whole method approach to demonstrate various ways to gain field position by efficiently and effectively covering the kick-off. The use of directional kicks and the coverage each position takes is explained using an overhead presentation and game film. His lecture covers:

  • key indicators to determine where the ball carrier is going
  • different techniques to beat blocks and get to the ball carrier
  • recovery techniques to use when players get out of their lanes
  • splitting your kickoff team into a kick side and field side so your primary tacklers are always on one side
  • and more

Using a multi-media presentation that includes practice footage, Coach Levine covers team and individual position breakdown drills. He gives an unprecedented look inside a detailed kickoff coverage scheme. Game footage is provided to show the application of each drill.

With top-level offenses, the importance of field position and effective kickoff coverage is vital for defensive success. Turn your coverage into a championship unit this season.

Produced at the 2013 Portland Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

52 minutes. 2014.

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