Winning it All! Volume 2 - Advanced Stunts

Winning it All! Volume 2 - Advanced Stunts
Winning it All! Volume 2 - Advanced Stunts
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Product Description

  • Progress your squad to a higher level
  • Learn the importance of stunt difficulty progression
  • Step by step explanation and breakdown for safer learning
with Saleem Habash,
8X UCA National Championship Coach,
former University of Kentucky Head Coach,
Coach and choreographer of the Dunbar (KY) HS Cheer squad featured in "Cheerleader Nation" (Lifetime TV)

Coach Habash moves the squad beyond the basic stunts taught in the Basics for Partner Stunts & Transitions DVD and goes deeper into the importance of progression and athlete assessment. Spotting techniques are emphasized along with muscle memory. Each stunt is demonstrated from the front and the back followed by a step-by-step explanation and breakdown. With this training added into your practices, the ability level of the squad will naturally progress to higher and higher levels at a safe, yet fast, pace.

  • 540 Liberty
  • 1 and a quarter High Torch
  • 1 and a quarter Arabesque
  • Grin & Bear It
  • 360 Transition into Liberty
  • 360 Heel Stretch
  • Half-In, Half-Out Extension
  • Single Base Extension

18 minutes. 2006.

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