Winning Soccer Matches 2-Pack

Winning Soccer Matches 2-Pack
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  • See how to create more attacking success by taking advantage of match-ups on the field
  • Get the three step process for how to make a good athlete into an excellent defender

with Matt Clepper,
Indy Warriors FC Head Coach;
5x CICC Champions; 4x State Champions; WCSSF U19 League Champions

The hardest thing to do in the game of soccer - and the most vital aspect that determines the success of your team - is finishing.

In his five-year tenure with the Indy Warriors, Matt Clepper's teams average four goals or more per match - a total that is incredibly difficult to overcome and has powered the team to three IHSA State Championships in its brief history.

Coach Clepper demonstrates how he teaches finishing at Indy Warriors FC and what has made his team an attacking threat at the high school level. He provides in-depth illustrations both on a white board and on the field to show different ideas on how to create an attack that will put fear in your opponents. You will learn the correct technique of finishing in terms of placement vs. power, proper runs that need to be made in the box when attacking the goal, how to incorporate the whole team and not just the forwards/strikers, and how the use of combination play and speed of play can help you gain an extra advantage when finishing.

Create a Philosophy of Attack

To help your team improve its attacking prowess, it is important to develop an attacking strategy that matches your team's individual strengths. Clepper starts in the classroom and maps out the key elements that make it difficult for your opponents to defend you while highlighting some useful and easy to remember principles of his attacking philosophy. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Where forwards should position themselves to become incredibly hard for the opposition to defend.
  • How to take advantage of the other team's weaknesses.
  • How to create your best angles for attack.

Once attacking strategies have been created and player positions are identified, Clepper demonstrates how to design movement strategies that enable players to make tactical runs on and off the ball that can unbalance defenses to score more goals.

Wing Play

Clepper teaches a few different attacking options from the wing position. The drills and games included in this video follow a progressive training sequence that will help you learn the secrets to building a dangerous attack from the wing. 

You'll see the 3v0 Wing drill, a crossing and finishing exercise that works on a wing player's angle of approach to the goal and getting to the touch line to create goal scoring opportunities. The emphasis in this drill is that the players develop a good sense of dribbling the ball with pace from wide areas. This includes cutting the ball back, early crosses, and the types of runs needed from your strikers. Once players start developing confidence, defenders are added for more game-like pressure. Clepper progresses the exercise in a more functional setting with passive pressure allowing the players lots of repetition.

Still under the principle of wing play, Clepper introduces what is known as "probe dribbling." This is where the dribbler actively looks for gaps and spaces for a through ball. He starts this with a 4v4 game where the ball starts from the winger and dribbles around the top of the 18 yard box looking for runs from their supporting attackers to make in key areas. The exercise is progressed in a 6v4 game to add more supporting angles for the attacking team. Finally, Clepper moves to a 6v6 version of the game.

Checking Forward

In this segment, Coach Clepper shows the importance of the center forward with their movement and decision making on and off the ball. In a pattern play scenario, Clepper has his players in a 7v4 situation using half the field. During these patterns, players are given plenty of repetition at not only wing play, but also probe dribbling. Some key coaching points include:

  • The cues to look for to create a 1-2 or overlapping moment.
  • How<

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