Winning with the Wing-T: Creating Conflict for the Defense

Winning with the Wing-T: Creating Conflict for the Defense
Winning with the Wing-T: Creating Conflict for the Defense
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Product Description

  • Learn how to place the best defenders in assignment conflict using the Wing-T Offense
  • Learn how to develop your staff's play calling ability and use their feedback to call better plays during the game
  • Scheme a variety of base plays to freeze your opponent's feet and complimentary plays that will completely confuse any defense
with Paul Ingram,
former Gloucester (MA) High School Head Football Coach;
three Eastern Massachusetts Super Bowl titles and four Northeastern Conference titles

Paul Ingram offers a simple process to make the most out of misdirection, formations and fakes, allowing you to put specific defensive players in conflict. Now you can call plays with confidence and use the defense's techniques to your advantage.

You'll learn how to use your assistant coaches to scout specific defensive positions. As each coach reports on how defenders are responding to down blocks, reach blocks and pull blocks, you'll get the data needed to call plays effectively. Identifying force and contain players provide insight into which players need to be manipulated. You'll see how to use formations so that players are not only placed in conflict, but have limited support around them.

Once you have identified your key defender and how he reacts to specific plays, you can now adjust your play calling to put that defender in conflict. Coach Ingram shares a variety of plays and counters to catch the defense completely off guard. You'll learn how to:

  • Combine the Jet, Rocket, and Quick Pitch with the Trap. When attacking the perimeter you will need an inside threat to slow down the inside/out flow of the linebackers and place inside defenders in conflict.
  • Use the 80 series to compliment your Jet and Rocket attack. This places the outside linebackers in run support assignment conflicts.
  • Create counters and reverses that put backside defenders in constant conflict to either stay home or help pursue the ball and take advantage of fast flowing defenders.
  • Take advantage of the Wing-T Play Action Passing game. The Sweep and POP pass take advantage of corners and safeties trying to play run support and defend the deep pass.
This DVD provides you with great insight to the techniques used by Coach Ingram to attain unprecedented success at the high school level. Coaches working to develop feeder programs in their community will find his system invaluable.

104 minutes. 2013.

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