Youth Lacrosse Coaching Essentials 4-Pack

Youth Lacrosse Coaching Essentials 4-Pack
Youth Lacrosse Coaching Essentials 4-Pack
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Product Description

  • Learn how to run a youth lacrosse practice for U9 and U11 athletes
  • A proven blueprint for teaching defense to U13 and U15 athletes
  • Learn how to use concepts from other sports to introduce and teach lacrosse skills
  • Learn a fun, easy and progressive face-off technique
with Jason Breyo,
Lambert (GA) High School Assistant Lacrosse Coach,

Whether you're a new coach who's also new to lacrosse or a more experienced youth coach looking to fine tune your lacrosse practices, "How to Run a Youth Lacrosse Practice" will provide the tools you need to run a great practice.

You will learn what it takes to run a productive practice and get detailed instruction on each skill your players need to play lacrosse. This video includes skills and drills for U9 and U11 athletes.

This DVD covers four major skill areas for lacrosse players: passing, catching, cradling and shooting.

The U9 practice is built around teaching and drilling these important skills. You'll get six basic fundamental building drills to teach these skills and relay drills to end your practices in a fun, but competitive way.

The U11 practice utilizes the same skills and drills as the U9 practice with a few additional components. They add a goalie and work on 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 offensive and defensive work, progressing into a 4-on-4 setting that teaches both the offensive and defensive base principles.

The video includes a motion drill segment, that teaches the players how to move without the ball and react to pressure. A 6-on-6 team drill is included to work on the basic man offense and man defense principles acquired from all other drills.

Also included is a basic goalie workout and drills to prepare for face offs.

This DVD will give inexperienced coaches and parents a solid foundation for developing young lacrosse players.

82 minutes. 2011.

with Jason Breyo,
Lambert (GA) High School Assistant Lacrosse Coach,

Build a foundation for successful defensive play!

Jason Breyo shares his blueprint for teaching defensive skills and drills to U13 - U15 lacrosse players. Using 12 and 13-year-old athletes as demonstrators, Breyo divides the DVD into four areas: Stick work, agility (footwork), position play and transition defense.

Stick Work
Get eight drills for passing and catching, fielding ground balls, dodging, over-the shoulder-catching and clearing the ball. These drills will help your athletes improve their accuracy on long passes, become proficient throwing a pass with either hand, learn to use either hand on a split dodge and a roll dodge, and techniques that will benefit your clearing game. Drills are demonstrated using long sticks.

Agility (Footwork)
Pick up agility drills for defensive players focusing on proper hand placement, stick position and footwork. These drills progress from a 5-yard side-to-side movement drill, to a 3-cone triangle drill working on the drop step, to a ladder agility drill that focuses on changing direction.

Position Play
Get a progression of 1-on-1 drills to teach your athletes key defensive concepts. Starting without sticks, Breyo's drills focus on top-side defense, forcing the attacker inside and keeping the hands in front with a poke check. The progression morphs into a 2-on-2 series that teaches the Ball-Me-Man concept.

Transition Defense
Learn team defense concepts with a look at transition defense from a 2-on-1 situation to a 3-on-2 fast break to train your players to defend odd number situations.

This is a very useful teaching DVD for inexperienced coach or parent looking to help improve the youth lacrosse player and develop the necessary skills to play solid defense.

52 minutes. 2011.

with Kenneth "Bear" Davis, Ohio Machine (MLL) Head Coach;
former Archbishop (MD) Spalding Head Boys Lacrosse Coach; former Robert Morris Head Coach, led the nation in scoring in back-to-back seasons (2010-11); former assistant coach for the Czech Republic Men's National Lacrosse Team, where he helped coach the team in the 2002 Prague Cup as well as the 2002 ILF World Games in Australia

Ken "Bear" Davis

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